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In the beginning...

So we decided to take this roadtrip. And yesterday was a mini preview of what we are about to experience across two countries in MAY!

As a result, I decided to do some research this morning and came up with some pretty cool ideas for things that we could do/see. As well as good ways to plan for the trip monetarily. I realized I don't have a lot of the things we are going to need/want but my parents do... so I am going to go to PA in March and get things like roadmaps, a cooler, my mothers digital camera she has never ever used, etc.

I thought about emailing to make plans, but then I decided nah... we are cool enough to have our own community dedicated to planning and implimenting of our 2007 roadside adventure. So jump on board! I invited you as a maintainer so edit away. Send me ideas... and lets get this going! If we go in May we only have 4 months to save and plan. And we all know how time travels in a Starbuckian Universe!
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